The Point Cafe


The Point Cafe


Forum Çamlık Shopping Center / Denizli

Hane Kahve Hizmetleri ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

2015 -2016


195 square meters



About the Project

For The Point Café, our intention was to create a warm place where customers would feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. This goal was key in creating the new concept; space was designed with simple, modest, and plain lines, using environmentally-friendly materials wherever possible. Here, the design style was used to support a relaxed - yet stylish - environment where guests could enjoy exclusive coffees and teas with friends. By offering a range of seating choices and styles, The Point Café creates a social setting hospitable to a variety of individuals and groups.

We chose to preserve the current state of the store exterior, where the new concept was applied for the first time, changing only the colors on the front face of the box letters.

In the interior, two seating alternatives; booth seating on the left side and several groups of mini armchairs on the right side of the circulation area were designed in the first hall, located at the entrance of the shopping center. Here, the same brick material used throughout the café is extended to the internal surfaces of the exterior walls. The back wall of the booth seating was covered with natural wood material, which orients perception towards the barista workspace with a horizontal surface movement; the three-piece visual on the wall also creates a visual movement towards the barista. The exterior facade glasses were visualized as coated with etched glass films in the form of coffee beans.

Horizontal wooden elements were used for the front surface and ceiling of the barista workspace, located at the center of the cafe. The workspace’s back wall was designed to have double levels. While the wood element is maintained on the back wall, the contrast was created on the front wall surface by using the anthracite-colored ceramic material. The counter and a portion of the front surface were coated with special high-strength porcelain. The front part of the barista’s workspace features an iron and wood shelving unit to display commercial products for sale.

Moving to the second hall at the back, the horizontal wooden elements in the barista’s workspace are deployed vertically, to create a partial separation in front of the back wall and the middle of the space. In this section, we planned to place large armchairs and sofas, as well as a long table suitable for group discussions or individual work. An abstract world map highlighting the area known as the “coffee belt,” where the world’s coffee production takes place, is also in this section. Hung on a brick wall, the map consists of an iron and wood structure. On the wall above the short edge of the long table is a panel designed for the use of temporary visual works. Composed of wood coating and glass, the back wall of the space is utilized as a media wall, with a monitor placed behind the glass. Columns and other walls were covered with a special cement-based plaster. The store’s interior features various relevant phrases in metal lettering. Natural ventilation is created via ceiling fans with a modern design. Lighting throughout the venue is designed to soft focus on products and objects, supporting the warm ambiance. Special pendant products were used in the seating areas and barista.